Our Story

About the Artist

Hi! My name is Fyon! I am the Floral Artist and Founder of a home-based floral studio — Floradise Studio, based in Singapore. My interest in flowers blossomed while planning my wedding. Before starting Floradise Studio, I was working as a graphic designer. I have found that floral design allowed me the same visual gratification I received as a graphic designer...if not more.

In 2016, I began to pursue floral design by creating flower arrangements for family and friends who marveled at the florals, and that gave me purpose and fulfilment.

Our Niche

One day, I designed a wall decor using preserved flowers for a teddy bear shop opening day. The gift was very well received, and the owner displayed it with the teddy bears and that sowed the seed for a new chapter…

Lo and behold, 2 months later,  a walk-in customer saw and liked the unique looking wall decor, proceeded to order 2 preserved floral wall decors! Subsequently, the product proved to be popular and thus, we naturally treaded on this niche!

Design Philosophy

I believe that our thoughtful, artistically unique and lasting creations will bring you a sense of wonder and contemplation about God’s creations. More importantly, I believe our preserved florals will uplift and transform ambience (think paradise on earth…) and thereby, increased connectedness in your relationships! Therefore, our motto is: "Connecting hearts through florals."