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Our Story

About the Artist

Hi! My name is Fyon! I am the Floral Artist and Founder of a home-based floral design studio — Floradise Studio, based in Singapore. My interest in flowers blossomed while browsing through bridal magazines. Before starting Floradise Studio, I was working as a graphic designer. I have found that floral design allowed me the same visual gratification I received as a graphic designer...if not more.

In 2016, I began to pursue floral design by creating flower arrangements for family and friends who marveled at the florals, and that gave me purpose and fulfilment.

Our Niche

One day, I designed a wall decor using preserved flowers for a teddy bear specialty shop opening day. The gift was very well received, and the owner displayed it with the teddy bears and that sowed the seed for the next chapter…

Lo and behold, 2 months later,  a walk-in customer saw and laid her eyes on the floral wall decor, proceeded to order 2 preserved floral wall decors! Subsequently, the product proved to be popular and thus, we naturally treaded on this niche!

Design Philosophy & Mission

Creating one of a kind designs by implementing excellent colour schemes, design rules and using only quality preserved flowers, we hope that our preserved floral designs will transform dull ambience to paradise, and increased connectedness in your relationships! Therefore, our motto is: "Connecting hearts through florals."