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In the beginning...

We were never a flower power child yet today our passion for florals has become an indispensable part of our life.

Our early appreciation for beautiful things meant that she valued expression in creative forms. As  design graduate from a local design school, we thoroughly enjoyed juxtaposing colours and textures.

New beginnings...

We soon found that floral design gave us much more fulfilment than when she received in the graphic design field. So then, we headed to learn from renown floral design instructors and after intensive training and examination, achieved a professional certificate in floristry.

Our vision is to conceptualise and create unique preserved floral designs through the best techniques and design principles for all our clients so that they too, can experience a form of richness in their relationships, events and lives. That, to us, is what "Floradise" is about — Connecting Hearts Through Florals.

Thoughts on Valentine's Day

While certain percentage of the population thinks that Valentine’s day is yet another day for flower shops to earn money but hey, love is intentional. And flowers shops have a lot of passion to their craft, at least here so for Floradise Studio. Special dates need to be set apart to remind us forgetful human beings to be intentional to show love. So here is our valentine’s day collection.

Research shows that the sight of flowers enhances mood and general well-being. And giving flowers is a reflection of high emotional intelligence and often promote goodwill. It’s no wonder nature is filled with them! Your relationships is worth the nourishment and investment!

A journey of a 1,000 miles