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Bespoke Floral Dome


Flowers are curated and arranged to reflect the 5 values of OCBC Bank

The main flower - white lotus represents Integrity. Gold bamboo represents Lasting Value. White willow represents Forward Looking. White peony represents Responsibility and Red Peach Blossom represents Respect.

Overall, design, arrangement and materials are curated to attain an overall classy, elegant look, at the same time representing the seasonal Lunar New Year.  

The floral domes are presented to the CEO and deputy CEO during the 2019 Lunar New Year season.

Check out YouTube time-lapse video of the creation process!

For bespoke floral dome or flowers in bell jar requests, write in to us via contact us page!

Bespoke Floral Dome


The colour palette such as blue, gold and white is chosen to reflect Singapore Management University (SMU) corporate colours. 

A gold wax seal is added to create a distinguished look. These pieces are auctioned off during the SMU Alumni Charity Gala Night.

For bespoke requests, write in to us via contact us page!

Table Arrangements Subscription

Flowers are known to enhance mood and lift depression. Beautiful arrangement of preserved flowers can not only add beauty, joy and calmness to an office space. It is also zero maintenance and therefore nobody has to worry about troublesome maintenance!

For customised flower subscription requests, write in to us via contact us page!

Customised Flower Bouquets

Giving flowers shows that we care and want to extend goodwill to recipients.

Single stalk preserved rose bouquet with customised Scoot Tigerair sticker labels are personally handed out to all ladies in Scoot Tigerair by CEO Lee Lik Hsin during Mother’s Day week. We are glad to make them feel special!

For customised preserved flower products designs requests, write in to us via contact us page!

Alphabet Planters


Natural plants and succulents are curated and arranged in handcrafted wooden alphabet planters to reflect the 5 values of OCBC Bank

L represents Lasting Value. I represents Integrity. R represent Responsibility, R represents Respect. F represents Forward Looking.

For bespoke alphabet planter and teambonding activities requests, write in to us via contact us page!

Customised Preserved Flower Domes


A customised flower dome for your female clients goes a long way in maintaining good relatioships. Since preserved flowers does not wither, the impression last a long time too.

For bespoke preserved flower gift with corporate branding requests, write in to us via contact us page!

Pressed Flowers Layout Workshop



Employees at Renesas learn to decorate a layout showcasing their company’s core values with pressed flowers. 

Nurses at Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital has learnt the different meanings of flowers and decorate a layout showcasing their company’s motto with pressed flowers through our flower appreciation workshop

For corporate team building workshops, write in to us via contact us page!

Preserved Flower Dome Workshop


Looking for a fringe marketing activity for your products that represents love, youth and eternity?

Consider having us conduct a preserved flowers workshop for your clients to promote your brand and products that promotes youth or agelessness.

Preserved flowers retain moisture in their petals for a long time (a year or more depending on environment factors) through special preservation process. They do not wither or turn brown at the end of cycle. Therefore, they are symbols of beauty, eternity and youth.

For workshop collaboration for your new skincare product launch, write in to us via contact us page!

Plantable Pencils Customisation


Are you looking for a small eco-friendly and practical gift for a large group of people and at the same time support the underpriviledged? 

Consider the plantable pencils which can be planted and grown into basil, chilli plant, mustard plants, coriander, fenugreek and tomato plants as they contain seeds in them. 

The packaging of the pencil holder and the pencil itself are customisable. By purchasing these pencils, you are helping the underprivileged woman in India earn a living.

For customised plantable pencils/pens/stationery requests, write in to us via contact us page!