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Our Story


About the Floral Artist

Hi! My name is Fyon! I am the Floral Artist and Founder of a home-based floral design studio — Floradise Studio, based in Singapore. I graduated from Temasek Polytechnic and have been working as a web and graphic designer since.

I have never liked flowers but yet flowers found me in 2012. After working more than a decade in corporate world which left me unfulfilled, and drained, I felt the call to move forward to leave the corporate world to explore my other passion in floral design.

In 2016, I did it scared and took the leap of faith to getting professional floristry qualification at a local Floral Design institution, since then, I started creating flower arrangements and teaching flower arrangements for family and friends who marvelled at the florals, and that gave me purpose and fulfilment.

Our Niche

One day, I decided to explore preserved flowers as some customers asked if there are flowers that can last for a long time. A kind classmate passed me some preserved flowers for exploration and I found that the eco-friendly and low wastage qualities aligns with my values. I also designed a wall hanging using preserved flowers for Wayneston Studios shop opening day. The gift was very well received, and the owner displayed it with his artisan teddy bears and that sowed the seed for the next chapter…

Lo and behold, months later,  a walk-in customer laid her eyes on the floral wall hanging, and ordered 2 preserved floral wall hangings as farewell gifts! Subsequently, the product proved to be popular and thus, we naturally treaded on this niche!

For any questions, you may have or for custom/bespoke/corporate order requests, please feel free to contact us at enquiry@floradise.studio